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The Tsa Tsa Studio is pleased to offer trade terms (wholesale prices) to Buddhist centers and other spiritual or Tibet-related organizations. Most often, tsa tsas are distributed through bookstores, gift shops or libraries in Dharma centers. They may also be used as gifts to thank patrons and sponsors of any fundraising activity, such as a membership drive, or in other meaningful ways to benefit sentient beings.

The Tsa Tsa Studio is a center devoted to promoting sacred art and the practice of making tsa tsas, one of the preliminary practices given to many students of Tibetan Buddhism. As instructed by our precious teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, it is important that Buddhists retain their refuge vows and see tsa tsas as manifestations of the Buddha. Our teacher was also very clear that from our side we do not sell the Buddha, but rather we suggest an appropriate donation that goes to support our center and pay for materials.

We respectfully request that you treat the tsa tsas made at our Studio as holy objects when you offer them to others, and that whenever possible you use the proceeds to support Dharma activities.

Our trade price to qualified organizations is 50 percent off our suggested retail price (see Tsa Tsa Catalogue for retail prices).

To place an order, please email us (our preferred method) at or phone in your order (415-503-0409) with the following information:

  • Name of organization, contact name, address, phone, and email.

  • Purpose of tsa tsas that you are purchasing: (e.g. Fundraising event; to sell in a bookstore or library; to offer as gift to volunteers or benefactors, or other purposes).

  • List of items ordered including quantities, colors and trade prices.

  • Total amount due (excluding shipping costs).

  • Credit card information. Alternatively, you can phone us to give us your credit card number. Established customers can be invoiced and pay within 30 days (see terms and conditions, below).


Terms and conditions

New Accounts Prepaid by VISA/MasterCard.
Established Accounts Net 30 days with established credit. Invoice will be sent after order is completed and shipped.
Lead Time & Shipping Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, as we do not keep many items in stock and need time to prepare each order. US orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail. International orders are shipped by airmail. Actual shipping costs for trade orders are paid by the customer and will be added to your invoice.
Return Policy Inspect goods upon receipt. Report shortage, damage or defects within 14 days of receipt.
Back Orders Will ship automatically when available.
Minimum Order

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