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This year, at the request of Liberation Prison Project, Tsa Tsa Studio developed a method of creating rubber tsa tsas for prisoners. Although inmates are usually not allowed to have metal statues or other hard objects, prisons often will allow rubber items. For those in prison who are practicing Dharma, these rubber Buddha images are an invaluable gift.

Tsa Tsa Studio is now able to make these tsa tsas for organizations or individuals who wish to help inmates who are practicing Buddhism. Inquiries should be made directly to the Studio's center director, Deirdre Frank, by emailing or phoning Tsa Tsa Studio at 415-503-0409 or Deirdre's personal cell phone at 510-734-4215.

Almost any small image that you see in our catalog can be made as a rubber tsa tsa (larger images will not be able to stand up on their own). Below are examples of five: Top row (left to right) - Medicine Buddha tsa tsa, Shakyamuni Buddha tsa tsa. Bottom row (left to right) - Shakyamuni Buddha tsa tsa with 6 paramitas, Four-armed Chenrezig tsa tsa, and White Tara tsa tsa. For sizes and other information on these images, please see our Tsa Tsa Catalogue.  


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