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Tsa Tsa Studio is currently working on a project to begin making tsa tsa molds for practitioners in the US and elsewhere. In the coming months, we intend to offer Tsa Tsa Making Kits, which will include molds, materials, practice instructions, and everything else you need to get started on your tsa tsa practice. In addition, we plan to be able to make molds by request of many of the images in our Tsa Tsa Catalogue. Please check this page later or contact us for more information.

In the meantime, tsa tsa molds may be purchased from from Nalanda Monastery in France, where the monks make a very wide variety of molds. We highly recommend their tsa tsa molds, which are made of silicone and are very durable and well-made. Please contact Nalanda directly by email (NalandaMonastery@aol.com) for inquiries and to place orders.