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It has long been a practice in Tibet to have tsa tsas made and dedicated for those who are ill and to have memorial Buddha statues made for the deceased. Tsa Tsa Studio now offers this service for people (and their pets) in the West.  

Tsa Tsas for the Ill

Friends and relatives of those who are ill can request tsa tsas be made on behalf of the sick person, or the person who is ill can make the request. The practitioner making the tsa tsas will perform all of the meditations and mantras done as part of tsa tsa practice on behalf of the person who is ill, and will dedicate them specifically for that person. Those who are requesting this service are welcome to write their own dedication prayers, which will be recited by the practitioner during tsa tsa practice.

The image most commonly made for those who are ill is that of Medicine Buddha. Tsa Tsa Studio has three types of Medicine Buddha tsa tsas: a single Medicine Buddha tsa tsa, the 49 Medicine Buddha tile, both shown below, and the large Medicine Buddha statue which can be see in our Tsa Tsa Catalogue. As many of the images as one likes can be requested. If the sick person has a deity or Buddha that he/she has a close connection to, making images of that Buddha can also be beneficial.


If the tsa tsas being made are to be sent to the person making the request, the suggested donation for this type of tsa tsa is the same as that in the tsa tsa catalogue. If the person making the request does not want the tsa tsas sent to him/her but rather be kept by the Studio for distribution, then a donation of any amount can be made to the Studio to help cover the materials cost, but there is no fixed price.  

Memorial Buddha Statues

In Tibet, a portion of the ashes or other remains (such as hair) of a person who has passed away are often enshrined in statues and tsa tsas, a practice that is said to be very beneficial for the deceased person's mind. Tsa Tsa Studio also offers this type of service. A portion of the remains are placed inside a statue or tsa tsa and all of the meditations, mantras and dedications done during tsa tsa practice are performed specifically for the deceased. Those who are requesting this service are welcome to write their own dedication prayers, which will be recited by the practitioner during the tsa tsa practice. It is also good if you can ask a lama to do a blessing and consecration of the statue afterwards (to be arranged separately by the person making the request).

Many of the images we offer can be made as memorial statues, but the larger the image, the more ashes can be placed inside. One that we especially recommend for this service is the Shakyamuni Buddha statue in aluminum or bronze (bronze statue is shown below), as it is of a sufficient size (5.25 x 4.5 x 2 inches) and, being made of metal, it will last for many, many years. About 1 tablespoon of ashes or hair can be placed inside one Shakyamuni Buddha statue. The suggested donation for this service is $50 per statue, and the statue(s) will be sent to the person requesting the service.

How to Request the Above Services

To request that tsa tsas be made for a loved one who is ill or has passed away, please email us at (our preferred method) or phone us at 415-503-0409, giving full instructions for how many tsa tsas to make, for whom, by what date (if any), specific dedication prayers (if any), and payment information.  

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