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The Tsa Tsa Studio's primary purpose as a center is to provide training, materials and facilities to Buddhist practitioners or others who wish to do tsa tsa practice, either because it is part of their preliminary practices as given by their lama, or simply because they enjoy the practice and feel the benefits of making tsa tsas.

The Studio is also available to outside groups on a rental basis. Our space is especially suitable for art classes, meditation, or other spiritual activities. Please contact us for details.  

Students with a Practice Commitment

If you have a commitment to make tsa tsas as part of your preliminary practice, the Studio is here for you! We will provide you with training in all aspects of making tsa tsas, including the meditation practice and the actual casting process. We provide molds, materials, brushes, and everything else you will need for your practice, as well as a community of other students who are engaged in the same practice.

Once you have received sufficient training, which is usually given during our weekly casting lessons, you will be given a key to the studio and you will be able to go there anytime you like to do your practice. You will be using the top-of-the-line materials called the Forton MG casting system that we use at the Studio, so that the tsa tsas you create will be of the best quality possible and will last for many, many years.

You will not need to purchase molds or materials, nor will you need to set up a mini-tsa tsa studio in your own home. However, if you prefer to do your practice from your home or in a retreat situation, the Studio is happy to accommodate you. We will still provide you with all the molds and materials you need (with some exceptions -- e.g., a drill) and you can do your practice from home or during retreat and bring your finished tsa tsas to the Studio at regular intervals.  

Placement of Your Tsa Tsas

One of the most important questions that always arises when doing tsa tsas as part of a large practice commitment -- the usual quantity being 100,000 -- is what to do with all of these beautiful holy images once they are made. As long as you use the Tsa Tsa Studio's materials and molds, we will take care of placement for you. The perfect images will be distributed to Dharma centers and individuals through our tsa tsa catalogue (our main fundraising activity), and the "unusable" tsa tsas will be placed inside of our tsa tsa house. For more information on placement of tsa tsas, please see Placement of Tsa Tsas.  

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