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News: The Tsa Tsa Studio has moved to Richmond.

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About the Studio

The Tsa Tsa Studio's purpose as a center is to provide training in and facilities for tsa tsa practice and other forms of sacred art. 'Tsa Tsa' is a Tibetan term used to describe Buddha statues and relief images that are made as part of a particular meditation practice. Making tsa tsas is a preliminary practice given by teachers in Tibet - and now all over the world - to their students as a method of eliminating obstacles, purifying negativities, and creating positive energy (merit). Often, students are given a commitment to make 100,000 tsa tsas during their lifetime.

Traditionally in Tibet, tsa tsas were made with clay from the earth, left to harden, and placed on altars, shrines or in other holy places. These days, more modern and durable materials are used, such as plaster, hydrostone, or the professional casting system used at the Tsa Tsa Studio, which consists of architectural-grade gypsum and other materials.

The Studio offers regular classes and workshops on how to make tsa tsas, as well as a variety of other activities relating to sacred art. We welcome everyone, regardless of philosophical orientation, to participate in our activities. For more information about the Tsa Tsa Studio's history, please see Background and History.

The Tsa Tsa Studio/Center for Tibetan Sacred Art is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director.  

Board of Directors

Deirdre Frank, Center Director
Glen McMillion
Judith Hunt
Ang Tsherin Sherpa  

Spiritual Director

Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche  

Contact Information


We have moved to the East Bay; to an industrial section of Richmond off of the Richmond Parkway at 855 Parr Blvd. We have the same phone number. This complex houses many artists and crafts people. It is not residential and there is ample parking. The complex is fenced, locked at 7 pm and has security. We even have a small lawn and some trees behind our building.. It is only a few miles from the Richmond/San Rafael bridge and can also be reached from 580 via 80. We have many more regular volunteers from Marin and the East Bay. Since we cast 3 or 4 days a week, interested people can make appointments to learn at other times than regular class hours. We are not far from Point Richmond where there are stores, restaurants and a public park and a beach on the bay. We will continue to offer weekend workshops for adults and children.


Telephone: (415) 503-0409 or toll free 1-877-0M-AH-HUM. Please note that because we do not keep regular hours, our phone is generally answered by voice mail; please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Mailing address:
Tsa Tsa Studio
5862 Robinhood Drive
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Studio address:
Tsa Tsa Studio
855 Parr Blvd., Studio L30
Richmond, California

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Directions to Tsa Tsa Studio

From the South by car: Follow I-80/I-580 to the split and head east on I-580. Take the Canal Blvd exit toward Garrard Blvd, and turn right at Canal Blvd. Canal Blvd becomes the Richmond Parkway. Stay on the Richmnd Parkway for about 3 miles, and turn right on to Parr Blvd for about 1 mile. Turn left into the first driveway for 855 Parr Blvd, at the sign for CSI Ministorage.

From the North by car: From I-80 West, take the Richmond Pkwy/Fitzgerald Dr exit toward I-580/San Rafael. Turn right at Richmond Pkwy. Take the Giant Hwy exit. Turn right toward Giant Hwy. Turn left at Giant Hwy. Turn right at Parr Blvd. Turn right into the last driveway for 855 Parr Blvd, at the sign for CSI Ministorage.

Directions within the complex: Drive through the gate for CSI Ministorage. Turn right at the CSI Mini storage office, toward the CSI parking. There are warehouses on your left. On the right, after 10 or 12 parking spaces and before a green container car with Capitol printed on it in white letters, is a short driveway that dead-ends into a small warehouse. To the left of the warehouse is a low cinderblock building with windows, The studio is the first studio on the left through the street door. There are prayerflags above and tsa tsas in the window.

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Map of 855 Barr Blvd, Richmond CA

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